Images: Elisabeth Tangen Johansen

Good morning guys ♥

Looks like it will probably be another sunny day here in Skien. Ah, it’s so delicious! I was up WAY too early today, so now I sit here to create a plan for the day. Belief, hope and pray that the marble contact plastic is back in stores today. I have been on the waiting list for almost 2 months and know I’m more than ready to finish the dining room table. And to get my vision to be the way I would, I need that contact plastic! * laughs *

I also have to stop by and see if my chair designed by Kartell has come in today. On the waiting list here too…. Jiiis! At the moment I feel that I get a bit on hold here and there … Standing on the waiting lists in 7 different stores in town, and all things are items I need at home to bring up my vision. Bah, have enough to do! SO has practically no time to sit here! ;P

HASTA LA VISTA! Have a lovely day everyone 😀


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