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Good morning guys!

So, the living room is almost done, for now (!!), and I just can´t sit still- so yesterday, I started on our bedroom! As I promised, I will give you a sneak peak later… I´m not all done, but at least my shoes have gotten the place they deserve!:)

With a baby in house, I have to give up my walk in closet… So now I´ll have to find other ways, and better solutions in our bedroom. It´s okey, really.. I never been pleased with this room anyway, I think it´s a difficult room too organize. Well, after a lot of research at houzz, Instagram and different blogs like, Designlykke, weekdayCarnival, KreaVilla, Stylizimo, hviit and more… I finaly jumped into it! I´ll show you more afterwards… HAve to go sell something- in desperatly need of dining chairs! 😉 *laughing*


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